Top tips for winter running

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woman winterThe winter season brings with it cold weather, shorter days, wind, rain and hail which can all play havoc with your ability to keep up your fitness – regardless of whether you are a regular runner or if you have just started out. This doesn’t mean you have to ditch the outdoor paths for the treadmill just yet though! Here are our top tips for winter running to help you keep up your running habit.

Get together your winter clothes kit

Keeping your body protected from wintry weather conditions is key to keeping you warm, dry and preventing you from getting sick on your cold outdoor excursions. Have a good pair of running shoes with plenty of support and minimal mesh/fabric that will allow rain water to get to your toes. Some people slip their feet into socks, then plastic bags before putting on running shoes which helps keep them dry. Put scrunched up newspaper in your shoes when you get back to help soak up the water.

Make sure you’re rugged up adequately for how cold it is outside – if you don’t like a lot of weight on your arms, ditch the sweatshirts and wear a vest over a long-sleeved training top. A lightweight shell or windbreaker is important if the winds are blowing outdoors, or it’s a good idea to find a lightweight, breathable rain jacket to keep you protected from the elements if it’s pouring down outside.

Warm up before you head outside

It can take a lot longer to warm up if you head outside into the cold air and you’re already freezing before you get started. Start warming up indoors to help prevent injury and to get you warmed up faster.

Watch your step

Winter can encourage moss growth, and icy patches and water can make the ground more slippery. Be careful where you are running – certain paths may be better to take than others during the colder months.

Grab your flashlight

For your safety, beeing seen is important if it’s dark outside in the morning or evening. It’s also important to be able to see the ground you’re running on and where you are going. Carry a flashlight with you or get a headlamp to help shine your path. Be especially careful when road running and wear reflective gear to increase your visibility.

Don’t sit around in your wet training gear

Once you get back from your run, change your clothes straight away. Dry off and get warmed up as soon as possible!

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