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NZ Real Health is a blog by Ange Noy for women of New Zealand to find up to date, real, relevant info on health, fitness and wellbeing.

Sick of getting second hand articles meant for Australian audiences, I decided it was about time to create a place where Kiwi women can have online access to a site that helps them lead healthier, happier lives and achieve a better lifestyle balance.

If you would like to collaborate with Ange or discuss other opportunities, get in touch with me! Please note, I do not accept guest blog posts or edit archived articles for backlinks.

Transparency pledge

Products and services. I only feature products or services on NZ Real Health that I have interest in or that I would use myself. Some things featured may have been provided for me to review or trial, some are ones I will have just come across in my day to day life. Any reviews I write are unbiased, and will show what I truly think of the product or service.

Affiliate relationships. If you purchase products through my affiliates, I may receive a percentage of the sale – this helps keep my blog going and ensures I can continue to provide content for you to view for free, so I appreciate your support!

Sponsored promotions. Any social media posts that have been sponsored by a client will now be marked up as a #promotion, #ad, or #sponsored. Articles will specify when I have teamed up with a client who has sponsored the content.



 Ange Noy

Why health and fitness is important to me: Having worked in the fitness industry, I came to the realisation that women nowadays (including myself!) are under a lot of pressure and stress. Have a family, pay off the student loan, get a mortgage, save up to go travelling, pay bills, maintain a social life, try and make enough money to pay for all of that and have enough left over to get the new handbag you want… Health, wellbeing and fitness always seem to come last and it’s time for NZ Real Health to help change that.

In my spare time: I’m a personal trainer, yoga teacher, mother-of-one, wife, and ice skating instructor. I like to test out new recipes in the kitchen and have an unashamed penchant for curling up on the couch in front of the E! channel for mindless gossip and reality shows.

email: angela@nzrealhealth.co.nz

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