Chakra crystals set (rounded, tumbled)


Working with chakra crystals is said to help balance or magnify the energy centre that you are working with. This set of 7 crystals corresponds with each of the 7 main chakras.

For use during meditation, yoga or for energetic healing. Stone types may vary from one chakra set to another as each chakra – or energy centre – can be associated with more than one type of stone.


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Set of seven different polished smooth stones; each resonates with a different chakra. Used in meditation, yoga, reiki and healing.

This set of tumbled larger-sized stones come in an organza bag. Each stone is approximately 60mm (H) x 40mm (D) x 120mm (W).

This set includes:

  • Clear Quartz (Crown/White or Violet/Sahasrara)
  • Amethyst (Third Eye/Purple/Ajna)
  • Blue Quartz (Throat/Blue/Vishuddhi)
  • Adventurine (Heart/Pink or Green/Anahata)
  • Citrine (Solar Plexus/Yellow/Manipura)
  • Carnelian (Sacral/Orange/Svadhisthana)
  • Black Onyx (Base/Red/Muladhara)

Stone surfaces, size, weight, shape and patterning may vary; the above measurements and images are an indication only. Each stone is unique and may appear slightly different from the item/s pictured here.



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