Tips to help keep your joints healthy

knee joint

knee jointWe tend to assume that joint problems are a normal part of aging, however, maintaining healthy joints is important at any age; especially if you are active.

High impact activities such as a daily run, aerobics classes, and agility sports such as netball, rubgy or soccer, can take their toll on your knees. As the cartilage which cushions the ends of our bones absorbs this impact, it can lead to general ‘wear and tear’, making our joints more susceptible to damage or breakdown which can affect movement and cause stiffness.

Tips to keep your joints healthy

Blackmores Naturopath Nicole Jellard offered us some great diet advice to encourage easier, healthier joint movement:

1. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as oily fish and high fibre foods.
2. Avoid excessive consumption of sugar.
3. Limit your intake of white flour products and choose nourishing wholegrains instead.
4. Some people may find reducing their red meat intake is better for them.
5. Avoid drinking too much coffee, tea and alcohol.

Giving your joints some extra TLC

blackmores joint formulaIn addition to the above, taking the time to warm up properly before getting into your main exercise activities is also super important. When you start doing light exercise to warm up, something called synovial fluid starts to flow around the capsules that surround most of your joints. This acts as a lubricant for your bones in the same way oil helps lessen the wear and tear of car parts.

Nicole also recommends that if you would like to provide your joints with a little extra support, you can take a supplement such as Blackmores Joint Formula Advanced (RRP $41.95, 60 capsules). It includes glucosamine and chondroitin which work along with manganese and boron to provide extra strength joint support while also supporting healthy cartilage production.

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