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busy womanIn today’s fast-paced society, mental, physical or emotional stress is a factor in most of our lives and it can affect us in a number of negative ways; from anxiety to depression, it can even take a physical toll on your appearance and inner health.

Stress can also upset normal blood sugar balance, hormone and thyroid balance, induce sugar cravings and promote weight gain, not to mention adding to an overall feeling of poor health and low mood.

This is why it’s important to check in with ourselves at regular intervals just to ask, how am I feeling? Am I tired? Am I moody? Am I craving sweet foods? If you are answering yes to one or all of these emotions, you may be suffering from the long-term effects of stress.

Radiance naturopath, Rachel Dawson, has shared with us her top tips for combating daily stress:

Top tips for beating daily stress

1. Get moving!
It’s well known that exercise can increase endorphin levels, but did you know it supports bone and muscle density and aids healthy sleep too? Exercising is a fantastic way to boost your energy levels and self-confidence, as well as a distraction from those things that are making you feel stressed or down.

2. Get back to nature
Nature has a beautiful way of helping us forget our worries and woes. A walk on the beach or stroll in the bush is not only relaxing, but a way to escape the rat race.

3. Practice self-care
Take a bath, read a novel or go for a swim. In our busy lives, we often spend time rushing around after others but forget to take time out for ourselves. Taking a little time out each day to do something you love, on your own if possible, will not only help you unwind, but will nurture the spirit and soul.

4. It’s good to talk!
Talking to others about your fears and sharing your anxieties is a great way to calm the nervous system and release tension. Counsellors can help you distinguish areas and causes of stress in your life, and allow you to work through them, ultimately finding peace.

5. Keep a stress diary
When you feel stressed or anxious, write it down, and when you feel happy and positive, write it down. This allows you to identify particular areas that could be the cause of stress in your life, but also reflect on the good and positive, which can never be a bad thing!

6. Reach for natural support
Eat a healthy, well balanced diet and give your body a little extra help by taking an energy and stress supplement such as Radiance AdaptoStress (RRP $55.90) which can help support your body’s nervous system, as well as provide the support your body needs to enhance your mood, motivation levels and even your stamina.

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