Sweet & savoury healthy snack ideas

Snacking has been the downfall of many a person trying to achieve weightloss; so it’s important to know examples of healthy snacks and find ones that fit well into your normal eating habits and preferences.

Here are some options for snacks (usually for around 10am and 3pm – those times in between meals when you need a bit of a ‘top up’ for energy!):

Sweet snack ideas

– 1 piece of large fruit (apple, banana, orange etc.), or 2 pcs small fruit (apricot,mandarin etc.) or handful dried/smaller fruit (dried apricots, grapes etc.).
– 1 small pottle low-fat yoghurt (150g max). Can sprinkle with nuts or fresh fruit.
– 2 plain biscuits (i.e. Arrowroot, Superwine).
– Muesli bar or snack bar (less than 600kJ per bar, saturated fat < 2g and sugar <10g).
– Protein shake – mixed with water (for fewer calories) or milk.
– Protein bar (if you’re having a chocolate craving!).
– Small pottle chocolate dairyfood (also if you’re having a chocolate craving!).
– Fruity milkshake (low fat yoghurt, low fat milk + fruit of your choice).
– Small fruit salad (cut up favourite fruit ½ cup – 1 cup).
– Low-fat hot chocolate.

Savoury snack ideas

– Handful of celery or carrot sticks + 1 tablespoon options (peanut butter, salsa, hummus).
– Handful plain corn chips with small amount salsa or guacamole.
– Small handful of nuts (peanuts, almonds, cashews etc.). Preferably unroasted/unsalted. 1 handful max per day (30g).
– 10-15 flavoured rice crackers or 1 – 2 rice cakes with topping of salsa, hummus or low fat cottage cheese.
– Crisbread or litebread (i.e. Ryvita) topped with chopped tomato, avocado, thin slice cheese and small amount ham etc.
– Medium bowl of salad (i.e. lettuce, cucumber, chopped dried apricots, small amount grated/cubed cheese, capsicum, green veges, carrots etc.).
– Instead of chips, toast a piece of wholegrain bread or wholemeal pita, cut into small triangles or squares and top with hummus or salsa.

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