Personal trainers: Not just for celebrities!

personal trainer pilates

personal trainer pilatesDo you think personal trainers are a luxury for the rich and famous? Not so! If you have a fitness goal you’re not achieving on your own, seeing a PT every six weeks for advice and an update is going to be more beneficial than not seeing one at all.

You may not be able to afford a trainer on a weekly basis, but there are other options available that can cut costs and still get you the focused attention you need.

Train with a friend
Train with a friend or two to reduce costs. Session rates will usually be slightly higher, but split between a group you will each be paying less. And nothing’s more motivating than having your mates train with you.

Go for a programme
Your body adapts to your training regime every four to six weeks. If you have the motivation to go it alone, just come back to a trainer to get your programme updated. Your body won’t change if you don’t give it a reason to!

Shorter, intense sessions
You don’t have to train for ridiculously long sessions to get the body you want. A 30 minute session is plenty of time to get your heart rate up – as long as you train hard and give it your maximum effort.

Mix up your training!
Ask your trainer for help with the time between PT sessions. There are 168 hours in a week – just being with a trainer for 30 minutes once a week isn’t going to get you great results! You don’t need to save your sweat for your PT session – take up a new sport, go to some group fitness classes, go out for a run with a friend… There are a lot of options available so try some of them out.

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