In the kitchen: Eat healthier at home and at work


Check out the latest food products and appliances for your kitchen that will help you eat healthier at home and at work:

Watties Squeeze & Stir Soup

watties soupsThese handy instant soup packs deliver the goodness and flavour of real soup with a rich soup paste in a convenient single-serve sachet. Simply squeeze soup paste into a mug, add boiling water, stir and enjoy. A great snacking solution for your mid-morning or afternoon tea, this unique soup paste contains no preservatives and is available in eight delicious flavours including Thai Chicken and Spicy Pumpkin. The range now includes new flavours Creamy Chicken, and Sweetcorn & Chicken – just in time for the colder weather, these sachets will easily become a winter essential for your desk, drawer, bag or briefcase.

– 97-99% fat free
– Free from preservatives

RRP $1.49 per 70 gram single-serve sachet

Dilmah Tea Capsules

dilmahAvailable in popular Earl Grey and English Breakfast, the new tea capsules are compatible with Nespresso machines and allow for an alternative, and quicker, tea making experience to traditional tea bags. The perfect cup of tea traditionally takes three minutes to draw out the full flavour and goodness, Dilmah still encourages this as the best way to make tea while recognizing that for many people this simply doesn’t happen. A tea capsule takes just 30 seconds to produce the perfect cuppa every time.

Dilmah Tea Capsules in Earl Grey and English Breakfast varieties RRP $7.79 for a 10-pack. Find them alongside coffee capsules in New Worlds from late March and in Countdown supermarkets from late April.

Russell Hobbs Heritage White Silk collection

russell-hobbsFor the latest in homeware fashion, check out these stylish and sophisticated kitchen additions from the Russell Hobbs Heritage White Silk collection available from late March. These items will liven up any kitchen benchtop with their sleek, white finish.

– Heritage White Silk 2 Slice Toaster, RRP $129.99
– Heritage White Silk 4 Slice Toaster, RRP $159.99
– Heritage White Silk Kettle, RRP $159.99

Naturals by Equal stevia range

steviaA new range of 100% natural, low-calorie sugar alternatives. Now you can have your cake and eat it – without the calories! Made from extracts of the Stevia plant and other natural fruit sugars, Naturals is the new look packaging for Equal Stevia. Along with the new look is also a new product addition to the Equal range – Naturals Crunch; the first crystallised sweetener, combining the distinctive texture of sugar with a resistance to high temperatures which makes it a great substitute for sugar in baking and cooking. And you only need to use half as much sweetener as sugar to get the same taste (with 97% less calories than sugar). The ideal sweetener for tea, coffee, cold drinks or desserts, and the perfect option for the calorie conscious or those with diabetes.

Naturals by Equal is available in:
– Naturals Stevia Sticks (box contains 40 single serve sticks), RRP $6.99
– Naturals Stevia Spoon for Spoon 40g granule jar, RRP $6.99
– Naturals Crunch granules 250g pack, $9.99
– Naturals Stevia Tablets (200 tablet dispenser), RRP $11.99

Mad Millie Artisan Cheese Kit

mad millieIf you are a cheese lover, this Artisan Cheese Kit from Mad Millie that allows anyone to make beautiful cheese from home.

Soft, fresh cheeses (mozzarella, cream cheese, halloumi, feta and more) and hard, aged cheeses (cheddar, chesire etc) can all be made with this one, extremely easy to use kit.

Make your own cheeses with this kit for $175 from www.madmillie.com.

Healthier pasta, noodles and rice products from Slendier

slendier fettucineSlendier has launched a delicious new range of pasta, noodles and rice style products made from Asian food staple Konjac. The Slendier Konjac Spaghetti and Slendier Konjac Angel Hair Pasta products are gluten-free, contain no fat, sugar, flour or eggs and are low in carbohydrates and good source of fibre; ideal for people looking to lose weight, for those with food intolerances, coeliac disease, diabetes or people simply keen to maintain a balanced healthy diet. According to Scientific studies, the natural fibre in the Konjac plant keeps you full for longer, slowing the release of sugar into the bloodstream, helping to lower insulin and blood glucose levels.

Slendier Konjac Spaghetti, RRP $4.99
Slendier Konjac Angel Hair Pasta, RRP $4.99

Images / (Featured) FreeDigitalPhotos.net – Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee; (Bottom) Supplied

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