Butt Blaster workout


jeansWant to tone up your glutes a bit more? Here’s a 30 minute ‘Butt Blaster’ workout to help you tighten the muscles and burn some calories at the same time.

We’ve planned this out as a Tabata/intervals workout to help you maximise your training time. Start off with 40 seconds work, 20 seconds rest; once it becomes too easy, move to 50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest! The aim is to do as many reps of the exercises as you can within that time so keep going. You can either keep track using a watch or use an intervals-specific smartphone application like Gymboss.

Please note, this workout is not suitable for those with lower limb injuries or issues with high impact activities.

2 mins warmup

  • Easy stepups, 1 minute with right foot leading, 1 minute with left foot leading.

4 mins cardio intervals

  • High knee jogging on the spot (hold arms out at hip height palms down and try to touch knees to hands)
  • Skater’s jumps (jump side to side, pushing off outside of foot as much as you can and run your arms with the movement)
  • Forward jumps (squat and jump forward with both feet a far as you can, using arms to help launch you. Keep jumping in a line – if you have no room to do this, jump forward and back)
  • Mountain climbers (hands to ground, run feet back and forth)

4 mins main muscles

  • Seat touch squats (place chair behind you, arms straight out in front at chest height, squat until butt touches chair then stand)
  • Alternating lunges (step forward and lunge, return, then step other foot to lunge, keep heel up at back, knees in line with toes)
  • Alternating side lunges (step out to side and lunge, step back in then step other foot to other side and lunge. Make sure knees stay over the top of toes!)
  • Squat jumps (squat, then jump straight up in air using arms to launch you upwards – they should be above your head at the top of your jump)

4 mins smaller muscles

  • Dancer’s pulses (on all fours, lift one leg out straight behind you as high as it will go and turn toe and knee out to side, do fast tiny little pulses up and down squeezing your butt each time)
  • Dancer’s pulses (other leg!)
  • Half circles (lie on side with elbow propping you up, hip on ground and bottom knee bent for support, with top leg touch toe as far in front of you as you can, arc in a big circle up to ceiling and touch toe as far behind as you can)
  • Half circles (other side!)

Repeat cardio, main muscles and smaller muscles again.

4 mins cooldown

– Stretches

Image / FreeDigitalPhotos.net – thaikrit

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