Anti-weight loss phrases to remove from your life

Finding weight loss difficult but can’t seem to put your finger on what’s not going right? Sometimes the difference can be as little as the words we are saying to ourselves.

We get so used to using phrases in our daily vocabulary that don’t help when it comes to losing and maintaining weight; we almost don’t even notice them. So what phrases should we be removing from our lives to help with weight loss?

‘I’ll splurge now and work it off later/make up for it tomorrow’

Find that you’re always on some kind of diet or just sick of always starting over again when it comes to your food and exercise? This is the kind of talk that will never stop that cycle and can mess with your metabolic rate.

If it’s every now and then (i.e. once a month for a special occasion) it’s barely going to affect the rest of the hard work you put in the rest of the month, but if you’re doing it every other day that’s when you need to take a better look at how you’re managing your nutrition and exercise.

‘I’ve been so good lately, I deserve to indulge’

What’s your main goal? You probably do deserve it, but will it help you to achieve that goal? Being a healthy weight and having a healthy body in your future is a more important reward; and you deserve that far more than a large piece of chocolate cake.

‘I’m just big boned / I have a sweet tooth / I love food’

These are just excuses – granted, they may be true, however when it comes to fat loss, it’s the same for anyone and everyone. Weight loss = energy in (food) minus energy out (exercise). Figuring out how to have every food you want in moderation will help you lose and maintain weight in a healthy way that can last the rest of your life.

Images / FreeDigitalPhotos.net – Stuart Miles

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