How to care for your feet

Our feet hold us up all day and help us get around, yet we tend to not give them the attention that they deserve! Here are some more reasons to take care of your feet and tips on how to do it.

Why feet should be a top priority

“Our feet are truly amazing – a network of 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, 31 tendons and metres of nerves and blood vessels,” says Mike Wu, Foot Mechanics Podiatrist.

“Nearly a quarter of all the bones in the body are in our feet.  We also walk an average of 115,000 kilometres in a lifetime.  So it’s very important for us to look after our feet.”

Feet can take on quite a lot of stress and strain on a day-to-day basis – especially if you wear high heeled shoes or take part in high impact activities, such as aerobics or road running. Taking care of your feet and making sure you make good footwear choices can help prevent unnecessary problems such as blisters, hammer toes, bruised toes and even back pain.

Finding comfortable day-to-day footwear

When hunting for new shoes, make sure that they provide adequate cushioning, good support, and are the right size (both length and width) for your feet. Remember that not all footwear brands have the same sizing, so even if you think you know your size, it’s still important to double check the ones you’re trying on fit correctly.

NZ footwear brand Ziera have been making women’s shoes for over 70 years, developing a collection that offers fashionable shoes endorsed by foot specialists that are both stylish and comfortable.

“Ziera’s New Zealand design team comprises experts in the field.  Our brand was founded by podiatrists and has strong heritage in developing orthotic friendly styles”, says Ziera Group design leader, Angela Roper.

“Our stiletto, for example, pays attention to the foot’s pressure points, holding it in place with a firm-but-gentle touch.  It retains a soft pitch by adding a platform front, to give height, but not pressure.”

How to care for your feet

Podiatrists estimate around four in 10 people will have painful foot problems at some stage in their lives, which means the likelihood that you may need to focus on your feet sometime in the future is quite high.

Here are Ziera’s top tips on foot care:

  • Exercise regularly and always keep your feet warm.
  • Trim your toenails straight across. Avoid cutting corners. Use a nail file or emery board.
  • If you find an ingrown toenail, contact your GP.
  • Use quality lotion to keep your feet soft and moist, but don’t put lotion between your toes.
  • Wash your feet every day with mild soap and water.
  • Buy shoes that are comfortable without a ‘breaking in’ period. Check how your shoe fits in width, length, back, bottom of heel and sole.
  • Try to buy shoes made with leather upper material and that have room for your toes.

For more information on Ziera shoes and to see their latest collection, visit www.zierashoes.com.

Photo / FreeDigitalPhotos.net – photostock

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