Cheese and crackers; healthy snack or diet undoer?

cheese and crackers

cheese and crackersIf cheese and crackers are a staple in your everyday diet, Healthy Food Guide nutritionist and Lose Weight for Life author Claire Turnbull explains why this could be undermining your weight loss efforts.

Do you ever get home from work and tuck into the cheese and crackers? It could be disastrous for your waist line, but I have an idea which will help!

I recently met a lovely lady who was struggling to get in shape, even though she didn’t think she ate very much. After the obligatory recall of her normal eating pattern I clocked onto something – she was having cheese and crackers for lunch every day (she saw this as more of a ‘light’ snack meal rather than a REAL meal) and often had a few cheese and crackers when she felt like a snack too.

Now, we aren’t talking corn thins and cottage cheese here team, she was into the high fat crackers (28g fat/100g which basically = chippies), with butter and tasty cheese. For an occasional treat, maybe. For a staple lunch – not so fast!

To read the rest of this article and to learn what you can do to make your cheese and crackers a bit healthier, see Claire’s blog.

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