Book Review: Naked Food – Jane Grover

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Jane Grover went from being an experienced fine food chef to a fulltime mother of three – and a passionate home cook of organic wholefoods. Jane lives on an average suburban block with her family but manages to grow her own produce, compost and recycle, and even raise hens for eggs.

Now running a cooking school from her home kitchen and garden, she takes people on tours to local farmers markets, as well as regional road trips to meet farmers and learn from them. Naked Food is Jane’s first cookbook.

What’s inside it?

Naked Food has over 90 simple and healthy recipes you can cook from scratch, creating food that tastes great and is good for you. The main recipe chapters include basics, breakfasts, salads and sides, on the bbq, fast food, slow food, and desserts.

We love the basics, which we always feel taste better when cooked with fresh ingredients from scratch! Jane’s recipes include hummus, pizza dough, guacamole, basil pesto and harissa paste.

The fast food section is also a great one, focusing on creating nutritious and delicious meals such as Lamb, Pinenut & Mint Burgers, Sweet Pumpkin and Ginger Soup, and Asian Style Coconut and Chicken Noodle Soup, in no more than one hour. As Jane points out, sometimes by the time you order in or pickup takeaway food, often you could have cooked some healthy food quickly yourself.

There are also profiles of Australian farmers, growers and producers, and a guide of where to shop for and eat organic wholefoods and farmers markets in Australia (unfortunately it doesn’t cover New Zealand! Here’s a list of some of the farmers markets in Aotearoa).

Read it if…

You want recipes that work, and are healthy and nutritious with minimal fuss.

See Jane’s recipe for Tandoori Lamb & Chickpea Curry here.

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