Biggest mistake we make when it comes to losing weight


vegetablesWe get caught up in the world of counting calories and trying to out-exercise our last meal. One of the biggest things to understand is that not all calories are created equal. The calories you consume from a can of coke are completely different to the calories you consume from a chicken salad with avocado on the side.

Why weight loss is not just about calories in/calories out

If you were to look at just calories, that can of coke may actually be less than the nourishing, nutrient-dense salad beside you. So if you were to stick with just calorie counting you may reach for the one with the least amount in it and hope that your weight drops. The thing to understand is that what you consume has a reaction in your body at a cellular level. Every single cell in your body is created by the food that you eat. So if you are asking your body to create energy and vitality from a can of sugar and you are counting calories, you will very soon notice that your body doesn’t agree with this system.

You will get energy highs and lows, your moods will be all over the place. You will soon notice how hungry you are and in most cases your body won’t let go of the weight you are wanting it to. Not only that, you will be spiking your blood sugar levels and this will be causing your body to hold on to body fat or even increase it. When our blood sugar levels are all over the place and we get huge spikes and falls in insulin, this increases the stress hormone cortisol. When this is too high we hold body fat and in some cases increase body fat.

The bigger picture

In order to lose weight and achieve real health, we have to start with eating real food. You have to think of removing processed packaged foods that are full of sugar. If you are consuming foods that are packaged and processed and layered with sugar you are going to affect the hormones in your body, and never be able to burn body fat. Our body needs stable blood sugar levels and balanced real food meals that provide it with fuel. When we provide our body with the right fuel and we keep our blood sugar levels stable and consistent, it is then that you balance out the hormone levels and allow your body to be able to burn body fat.

Calories do play a part in the weight loss journey, however a bigger part to play is the way in which food provides fuel for your body. So keep your food real, clean and nourishing. Make sure each meal contains good quality carbohydrates, fats and proteins. ย Avoid package processed foods. It is when you do this you open the door to creating real health and vitality.

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