5 fun things to do on Mother’s Day

mother and daughter

mother and daughterWant to make your mum feel special this Mother’s Day but don’t feel like giving her the usual bought card and flowers? Spending quality time with someone is one of the best gifts you can give; why not tell her to take the day off and surprise her with an outing?

Here are 5 fun things to do with mum on Mother’s Day:

1. Plan a picnic

Cafes can get booked up and overcrowded – especially for breakfast, brunch and lunch – on Mother’s Day. Put together a picnic with some homemade sandwiches or quiche, bubbles or sparkling grape juice, and some other goodies, and take her out to a park or beach. Plan an under cover option in case it rains; worst case scenario you can always set it up on the lounge floor indoors!

2. Organise a getaway retreat

It doesn’t have to be anywhere far away, extravagant or excessively expensive, but planning a mini-break can be a relaxing way to spend some quality time with your mum. Book a room at a hotel or bed and breakfast for the weekend, or ask friends for help if you know someone with a holiday house. Even just one night away from home can be an exciting trip and a break from everyday life.

3. Book a pamper session

Manicures, pedicures, hair conditioning treatments, spas, massages, saunas… there are many options when it comes to pampering sessions; book one, a few or all of them depending on your budget and how much time you have. Super tight budget? Be the pamperer and give mum a mani/pedi with a shoulder massage yourself.

4. Go for a walk

New Zealand has such beautiful scenery, find a walk to do together. Think about what’s in your local area; forest trails, beaches, mountains… Take along your camera and make sure you get a good pic with your mum to mark the occasion, then later you can frame it and gift it to her as a memento.

5. Arrange a road trip

Pack the car and go for a road trip to a neighbouring town or city. You can spend the day exploring the local shops and sights without the need to spend too much money. Don’t forget to be flexible with your drive! If you see something interesting or touristy along the way, stop and check it out.

What are you doing with your mum this Mother’s Day? Comment below and let us know!

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