10 Quick Questions – Katya Nosova, Competitive bodybuilder

katya nosova

katya nosovaWe love finding out about the philosophies of Aotearoa’s experts on health, nutrition, wellbeing and fitness! Katya Nosova currently has an impressive collection of titles including the Open Overall Winner at last year’s Auckland Championship, and the Open Short Class Bikini Winner at 2014’s NZIFBB Nationals. More recently, she became the first ever New Zealand athlete to win the prestigious Arnold Classic USA Bikini Class in March this year.

This amazing athlete was also awarded her IFBB Pro Card at the NZIFBB Pro/Am show on Saturday 21 March, which means she can now compete in the professional league. Katya says, ‘With hard work, passion, dedication, belief in yourself and help from others, anything is possible!’

This week we asked Katya (pictured to the upper right with her coach and nutritionist, Moe El Moussawi) the NZ Real Health 10 Quick Questions.

1. In a nutshell, what do you do for your job?

By day I’m an account manager at a baking flour company. The job comes with loads of perks, but the best part is its flexibility, which allows me to stick to my clean diet. By night I am a bodybuilder – I say night, but it’s really morning, day and night. Cardio in the morning, weights in the afternoon and my nights are spent meal prepping and resting, and rest is crucial in bodybuilding.

2. How did you get into your line of work?

I used to be a competitive rhythmic gymnast until the age of 21. The highlight of my career was representing New Zealand in the Pacific Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship 2010. Unfortunately, my repeat injuries forced me to leave the gymnastics scene.

When I quit I felt empty because what once was a huge part of my life was now just a gap in my day. I was desperately trying to find a hobby to fill that gap, but nothing matched the high that competing brought me. A couple of years later I met my now fiancée and he was already into bodybuilding.

I joined the gym in order to help him achieve his dream of becoming a competitive bodybuilder. Before I knew it I was going to gym twice a day everyday and absolutely loving it. I found my passion. I found what I was missing since quitting gymnastics. I am now a competitive bodybuilder and am honoured to hold the status of the only New Zealand athlete ever to win at the Arnold Classic USA.

3. What’s the best thing about your job?

Challenge. I love to challenge myself mentally and physically. It’s amazing what our mind and body are capable of. I love how testing this sport is of my will power and my determination to succeed and achieve my goals.

4. What do you do to keep fit?

I do 45 mins of fasted cardio every morning, weights training 6 times a week for about an hour to hour and a half. Each day I train different body parts and use different exercises so my body doesn’t get used to them.

5. What’s your philosophy on nutrition and diets?

I have a diet plan made especially for me by my coach Moe El Mossaiwi. We do weekly progress checks so if the diet/training needs to be adjusted we do it right away. I personally need to stick to my nutrition plan 150% for it to be effective. There’s no cheating and there’s no such thing as ‘I’ll just have a little of this and a tiny piece of that’. Every gram matters.

Nowadays, I can’t even call it a diet – it’s a lifestyle. I love eating clean, it makes me feel good
and strong. I never used to be a fast food fan, but I do have a sweet tooth. But, hey, nothing tastes as good as the winning does, right?

6. What does keeping healthy mean to you?

It’s everything from feeling good to looking good. I also hope to inspire others to be healthy, to live that healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be as extreme as a bodybuilder’s, but exercising a few times a week and reducing the number of times eating out is a must.

7. What motivates you to stay on track with your own nutrition and training?

Winning. Success. Motivating others to achieve their goals by seeing me make my dreams a reality. It really all comes down to – how bad do you want it?

8. What’s your best health or fitness tip?

It’s always hard to get started whether it’s training or the diet, but don’t give up. You’ve got to keep going until your nutrition and fitness plans become a lifestyle. Once you start seeing progress and start feeling good you can look back see how far you have come, you just won’t want to stop then, you’ll want to achieve the next little goal and the next. It will become a habit it’ll be something you need to do.

9. If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you want to take?

Fresh water, music and a watch.

10. Any favourite inspirational quotes?

I am very superstitious and I have quite a few quotes I love, but my all time favourite would be these two classics:
‘What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger’
‘Whatever happens, happens for a reason’

For more information on Katya, check out her Instagram.

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