Self-care and the power of a fab dress

Sometimes self-care isn’t just about gym time or nourishing food, or getting a massage or having some time out. It could be as simple as the ritual of putting on an outfit for the day that makes you look and feel amazeballs ❤ (even if you’re not going anywhere or seeing anyone, you’ve only had about an hour’s sleep thanks to baby and you’re feeling somewhat seedy… #mostdaysin2018).

© Ange Noy | NZ Real Health

I never really used to take much notice of clothes. But after having two kids in two and a half years I got sick of wearing the same milk-stained black breastfeeding tops and invested in my wardrobe. I’m also spending less time in the gym and more time around the house, going for outings/events, at playdates, and parents’ meetings. Over the past year I’ve gradually been upgrading my clothes (which used to pretty much just consist of activewear, black things, my token ‘going out dress’ and my ‘Christmas Day dress’).

This beautiful floral stunner from Shineon – most of my wardrobe now comes from there! – is a full length Boho dress, so different from my typical exercise tights and training singlets, but a dress that really makes me feel beautiful ❤ It’s amazing how much one quality piece of clothing that fits really well can be such a pick-me-up! What was your last clothing buy and did it bring you joy? (anyone else been watching #mariekondo?)

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