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I’m always on the lookout for new and amazing health and wellness products for life in the kitchen, the gym and at home. Here are my current faves; a combination of some of the latest products that have come across my desk for me to try out, and the products I’ve found myself that I can’t get enough of right now!

PPSept16picsPic’s Peanut Butter limited edition glass

We probably go through a tonne of peanut butter a month in our household and I only ever buy Pic’s, so I’m always excited when they send me something new to check out!

This gem recently landed on my desk; a special limited edition commemorative highball drinking glass (filled with peanut butter, of course) – one of four collectible designs featuring original icons from Pic’s labels. So when you finish eating the peanut butter, you have a nifty glass to keep. Get in quick to get yours! Available for RRP $7.50 from selected supermarkets.

PPSept16milkpowderStir It Up plant-based milk powders

This new range of gluten-free, dairy-free, non GMO, organic milk powders are great alternatives to dairy milk as they are all plant-based. Stir It Up sent me a few packs to try out and I’m impressed with how many ways I’ve ended up using them. My fave was a Lemon Coconut pudding topped with fresh berries and desiccated coconut!

Stir It Up 400g powders are available in Oat Milk (RRP $12.99), Coconut Milk (RRP $15.99), Almond Milk (RRP $15.99) and Soy Milk (RRP $12.99); simply combine with water according to packet instructions and they’re ready to go. Great for keeping handy in the pantry. Available at all leading supermarkets and Farro Fresh stores in the long-life section.

PPSept16anathothAnathoth Farm condiments

On her journey to try out all foods for the first time, my baby daughter’s latest obsession is hamburgers. I make the burger buns and patties from scratch, and she loves to deconstruct them and dip the parts into sauces. So when these Anathoth Farm condiments arrived on my doorstep I already knew they’d be a winner with the whole family.

The Caramelised Onion Relish and BBQ Burger Relish (both RRP $4.99) are amazingly flavourful spreads that have that homemade feeling about them – except most of us don’t have the time or can’t be bothered making them ourselves so this range is actually ideal if you want to add something special to your food. Find them at New World and Pak n’ Save supermarkets nationwide.

PPSept16easiyoEasiYo reusable pouch

We go through a lot of EasiYo yoghurt at our house, but sometimes taking a container with you when you’re on the go isn’t particularly convenient.

EasiYo sent me a sample of their reusable pouches (called Squeezi-Yo!) perfect for school lunchboxes or taking to work – just hand wash and then refill. My 1-year-old loves to use it, so they are also great when you want to pack some yoghurt for the littlies as well!

PPSept16paleoVenerdi Paleo Grain Free Crackers

The company known for their grain free breads have now brought out some delish crackers. High in fibre and with 5-10 times more protein than standard crackers, all the ingredients are from plant sources with delicious flavours such as turmeric, coriander and mozuku seaweed.

Road tested these on the husband, mother-in-law and my 1-year-old girl topped with smashed avocado and black pepper. They proved a hit with all three so they must be good πŸ˜‰

AvailableΒ  online at www.venerdi.co.nz and specialty food stores nationwide for RRP $4.49 (3 crackers).

PPSept16barkersSpice up your summer with Barker’s of Geraldine

I can’t tell you how excited I am that the warm weather is coming. Even though it’s not summer just yet, you can bet that as soon as the sun starts becoming a little more reliable, my husband will be cranking the barbecue in his shorts and jandals (regardless of whether it’s still freezing… if the sun is out, summer has officially begun…).

Barker’s sent me two of their new sauces – Brewer’s Barbecue Beer Sauce (RRP $3.99) and Food Lover’s Habanero Sauce (RRP $3.99) to try out along with their New Yorker Mustard Relish (RRP $4.69) which we’ve been drooling over. You can bet these will be regular features on our dinner table over the coming months. Find them at New World and Pak n’ Save supermarkets nationwide.

PPSept16spirulinaGO Superfood Organic Spirulina

Not gonna lie, spirulina is not my favourite flavour in the world – but I fully understand all the health benefits of it which makes this range of organic spirulina supplements ideal for someone like me!

Spirulina is a fresh water blue-green algae with a nutrient profile so impressive that 1kg of spirulina has the same quantity of nutrients as around 1,000kg of assorted vegetables. NASA has even conducted studies on it as a potential food for space travel; packed with vitamins, antioxidants and protein, spirulina is absurdly healthy so adding even a little to your daily diet can go a long way.

GO Superfood Spirulina comes in three forms; green powder for smoothies, juices and baking (RRP $34.90), green tablets for convenience (RRP $39.90), or blue tablets for an extra boost of goodness (RRP $47.90). I was sent all three to road test and I like the tablets so I don’t have to taste it, but the husband prefers using the powder as he loves the flavour. To each their own! You can find the range at major pharmacies and health stores nationwide.

Images / NZ Real Health

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