Grace, Grit & Gratitude is here!


I created Grace, Grit & Gratitude for busy women wanting to eat better, get stronger, feel more confident and to find a sense of balance in life


You can choose whether you want to do a cost-effective online gym membership, or one of the focused fixed-term programmes so that you can get a little extra help and direction from an online trainer.

No diets, no fads, no deprivation; we teach you skills and habit changes that will help you live a healthier life and be the best version of you. Sustainable practices that you’ll be able to stick to in the long term.

  • Realistic programmes and recipes that aim for long term, sustainable results rather than fast fixes
  • Exercise sessions that cater to all energy and experience levels, created for busy people short on time
  • No deprivation or elimination diets; simply an everything-in-moderation approach focused on consistency over time and healthy portion sizes
  • Learn how to do it for yourself by making manageable changes to your current nutrition and exercise rather than having someone revamp everything
  • Qualified, experienced personal trainers and experts to support you for accountability and to help keep you on track
  • An holistic approach including rest, recovery and relaxation techniques from qualified experts.
  • Private VIP group forum support for inspiration, accountability and motivation
  • All online so you can do anywhere in your own time!

I’m SO excited about this project and I can’t wait to share it with you! Join the Grace, Grit & Gratitude Community emails below for regular tips to help you with your own health and fitness goals, special deals, free articles, and much more.

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