Event: The Auckland Food Show 2018

When I checked out The Food Show last year, I was pregnant which was a form of torture; no deli meats, alcoholic drinks or fresh cheeses (which together make up a reasonably large portion of the show!). This year I wasn’t quite so restricted on the samples, and made the trek out there with my mum, the toddler and the baby in tow.

My mother pretty much disappeared instantly and went off on her own as I had to stand back behind the crowds with the stroller which meant I was selective about the stalls I was willing to ‘dive in’ for. I’ve also become quite selective with the products I buy when I’m at The Food Show as I don’t have much space in the pram to stash purchases when I have two young kids with me and I can’t carry much! If it’s a product I know I can get in my local supermarket and it’s not at an incredible sale price, then I’ll typically work it into my next food shop instead of taking it from the show.

This year my haul included Nice and Natural protein nut bars, Huntley and Palmers Sprouted Grains cracker bread, Canterbury Biltong, Texas BBQ Foods pork, Nibblish baked strawberries, and some ridiculously delicious Remedy Kombucha.

Here are some of my highlights and favourite displays from this year’s show:

Thanks to The Auckland Food Show for providing me with tickets to attend

Images / NZ Real Health

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