Competition Winners

Here are the latest competition winners! Congratulations to everyone who has won a prize.

December 2017

12 Days of Christmas
Lisa Green
Irene Eades
Theresa Davis Te Whaiti
Melissa Jane
Laurelle Jury
Amber Stanbridge-Hughes
Hope Wilson
Shannon Simpson
Tracey Pinny
Lisa-May Vincent
Helene Aitcheson
Kate Park

Mad Millie Kits
Louise Maginness
Anna McNab

The Sleep Store Kids Konserve glass water bottle
Alice King

November 2017

Little Giants Kids Store
Sarah McIntyre
Monique Weeks

Weet-Bix Cholesterol Lowering
Nemisha Chhana
Rebecca Speirs
Angel Gosling
Kelly Pulham

August 2017

Mad Butcher vouchers
Jackie Williams
Rochelle Lewis

July 2017

Kiwigarden prize packs
Lana Martelli
Amanda Bateman

The Auckland Food Show double pass
Sam MacDonald

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