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Most of us would recognise Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz for her work on the big screen, but did you know she’s written a couple of well-received health books as well? As one of the most famous women in the world, Cameron has fielded journalist’s questions about ageing at almost every interview – especially in the leadup to entering her 40’s. If that was me I’d be incredibly frustrated!

For Cameron, this kickstarted a fascination with our fear of getting older and led her to write The Longevity Book. Designed to be an informative and empowering guide to the ageing process, the actress’ follow-up to her previous bestseller The Body Book aims to create a positive roadmap to health, happiness and resilience as we grow older.

What’s inside it?

I don’t know what I was expecting from this book – when I received it in the post and first caught glimpse of the cover, in my head I’d built up a fluff piece interspersed with Cameron’s personal opinions on ageing. That was before I knew her last book hit #2 on 2014’s New York Times Bestseller List. As the old saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover.

The Longevity Book is actually legit. Cameron joins forces with Sandra Bark (a New York Times bestselling author who collaborated with Cameron for her last book) to cover most topics that can affect the female body over time.

The book covers off the history, science and social repercussions of anti-ageing procedures, extended life expectancy, women’s health and medicine, genetics and cellular activity… all backed by facts, research and statistics while accompanied by personal anecdotes from Cameron’s life.

Until I read the blurb on the back, it hadn’t really occurred to me that the actress – who is rich, famous, beautiful and appears to be ageing very well in my opinion – would have some interesting insights when it comes to the topic of getting older. Reading through the book it becomes apparent that while constantly in the public spotlight, she has had great body awareness over time and as a result, recognises well the changes it has gone through over the years.

She points out that science today has a better understanding than ever before about how our body functions on a cellular level, and as a result we also know more about the things in life that make us stronger and healthier – quality food, social connections, rest, movement, food, meditation, learning and overall enjoyment of life.

While you can’t change genetics, as an adult you’re in control of the environment you live in, the lifestyle choices that you make, and the mindset that you choose to have. These variables that you can change help determine how you age and how you feel as you get older, and her conversation around this is where the book gets really interesting.

Read it if…

You want to age gracefully, healthfully and happily, take away some of the fear of ageing and add in a little body positivity. A great addition for every woman’s bookshelf.

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