The ‘I have no time’ 15 minute workout

Always finding yourself making the excuse that you’re too busy to make room for 30 minutes of exercise per day? Research says that breaking up your workouts into smaller chunks throughout the day can be just as good for your health as doing it in one block. Here’s a 15 minute workout (that you can do x2 – perhaps once in the morning, once in the evening?) to help you fit in your daily workout!

The ‘I have no time’ workout

To fit this in the short amount of time you have, we’re going to do some interval training. If you’ve only got 10 minutes, you can break it down and add another workout into your day. For each minute you train, you’re going to break it down into work time and rest time. Start off with 40 seconds work time to do the exercise, 20 seconds rest to catch your breath and grab a quick drink. Once it gets too easy, change it up to 50 seconds work time, 10 seconds rest.

This workout will cover cardio, upper body, balance, lower body AND your core!

Minute 1: High knees running on the spot

Minute 2: Press ups

Minute 3: Tricep dips (sit on a step or bench with hands next to your butt, drop off the edge until your elbows are at 90 degrees, then push upwards)

Minute 4: Chair touch squats (chair behind you, squat until you brush it with your butt then stand back up)

Minute 5: Alternating lunges (lunge one side, then the other side)

Minute 6: Hover hold (on ground on forearms and knees for beginners, toes for advanced, straight line across neck, shoulders, butt and knees/toes depending on what’s on the ground!)

Minute 7: Star jumps

Minute 8: Bicycle crunches (on back, crunch left knee to right elbow, then do opposite; feet can either be flat for beginners, at 90 degrees or straight in air for advanced, be careful of your lower back and choose an option that’s right for you)

Minute 9: Aeroplane left foot (stand on your left foot and let your right leg float out behind you with your arms straight out at sides like aeroplane wings)

Minute 10: Touch down squat jumps (squat, touch the ground, then jump up both arms in the air)

Minute 11: Ice skaters (jump side to side as wide as you can, pushing off the outsides of your feet)

Minute 12: Press ups round 2!

Minute 13: Aeroplane right foot

Minute 14: Mountain climbers (in plank position, run your feet)

Minute 15: Knee slide crunches (hands on thighs, slide them up to knees as you crunch, then return down)

Image / FreeDigitalPhotos.net – imagerymajestic

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