Tame your locks: Say bye to bad hair days!

woman blow drying

woman blow dryingAll that glorious time out in the sunshine and outdoors can leave your hair looking a little windswept (not to mention the effect that salt water and chlorine can have on your locks!). Now’s the perfect time to tame your tresses and say ‘bye’ to bad hair days. With a little help from us, of course….

Easier daily care for hair

Your shampoo and conditioner can have a big effect on your hair’s health. Fashionistas have been known to actually not use shampoo and conditioner at all, which supposedly results in naturally healthy hair after around six weeks of withstanding somewhat greasier hair until it all balances out . The chemicals usually found in shampoos and conditioners can strip your hair of its natural oils, plus it seems a little backwards to use one product to chemically remove the moisture/oils and another straight afterwards just to replace them.

If the ‘no shampoo’ bandwagon seems a bit much, opt for hair washing products that contain fewer harsh/synthetic chemicals (like SLS or SLES/sodium laurel sulfates/sodium laureth sulfates, detergents made to dissolve oils on our skin and hair) or at the very least, reduce the times per week that you use shampoo – it’s recommended to do so around every second day. Also, make sure that you thoroughly wash out any traces of shampoo and conditioner once you’re done.

Hair full of flyaways?

To start with, go carefully with your towel when drying your hair after a shower; blot your tresses dry, rather than rubbing at your head and get rid of as much of the dampness as possible. This means that you won’t need to blow dry for as long, so you won’t get as much heat damage. If you still feel you need to use some kind of product, opt for a frizz control to help tame the flyaways.

Need more volume?

If your hair is lacking a little….oomph, try changing your parting to provide a rapid, temporary lift for your hair. You could also try blow drying your hair upside down which can help add volume to the roots. Otherwise, you can opt for a volumising product. Avoid heavy conditioners and styling products that can weigh your hair down.

Get a trim regularly

It’s normal for your hair to get a little weathered at the ends after around six weeks onwards post-haircut, so make sure you get regular trims to keep your style looking the way it’s supposed to, and keep the ends of your hair looking healthier.

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