Road Test: Shakti Mat – The modern Indian bed of nails

shakti mat

shakti matLying on a bed of nails may not seem like a particularly relaxing past-time, but this ancient healing tool has now been reinvented for modern day use; a less daunting version claiming the same health benefits.

We had the opportunity to road test the Shakti Original – an acupressure mat that contains over 6,000 points of stimulation.

About the Shakti Mat

A modern version of the Indian ‘bed of nails’, the ancient healing tool has been reinvented with a soft organic cotton mat and plastic discs (much less scary than the original bed of nails made of metal spikes and wood 5,000 years ago!).

Used to stimulate blood circulation while simultaneously providing acupressure, this ancient Vedic practice is meant to help balance the body, mind and spirit.

The brochure that comes with the Shakti Mat advises it can be used for:
shakti mat– Pain in the back, neck and shoulders
– Muscle tension
– Stress
– Insomnia; difficulty falling asleep
– Tension headaches
– Increased energy
– Quicker recovery after exercise

Road test results

The brochure claims that ‘warm, tingly, pulsating sensations will quickly replace the slight discomfort’ you may feel when you first begin using it. Our road tester, who has ongoing upper back tension from intense gym training and working a physical job, trialled the Shakti Mat daily for a three week period focusing on this area of the body.

Initially the skeptical road tester found quite a lot of discomfort lying on the mat and could only remain on it for several minutes before needing to stop ‘treatment’.

The brochure suggests that for very sensitive skin, you can start out using a thin piece of material between yourself and the mat until you become accustomed to it. We tried alternately using a thin towel, a pillowcase, and a sheet, but found all to be too thick (i.e. it no longer felt like you were lying on an acupressure mat) so persisted using the mat on its own for the remainder of the trial.

After a number of sessions, the period of initial discomfort became increasingly shorter, and eventually after a minute or so there came a warm and tingly sensation where the mat came into contact with the skin.

Over time the road tester managed to gradually increase the session duration as tolerance increased, focusing on deeply breathing, and by the end of the three week trial period could manage a 20 minute session feeling very comfortable (‘I could have gone to sleep on it!’).

Although the road tester’s back tension recurred during daily life over the course of the trial, it did feel better following each session with the Shakti Mat and it became a great tool to use just before bed time as it made sleeping more comfortable due to the reduced muscle pain.

shakti mat

Key features

– Mat made of 100% organic cotton
– Shakti Original mat contains over 6,000 points of stimulation
– Acupressure discs made of non-toxic plastic
– Removable foam padding for easy cleaning

NOTE: The Shakti Mat is not recommended for people with certain medical conditions including pregnancy or individuals with heart disease. For further information visit the Shakti Mat website and if you fall into this category, consult your GP prior to use.

Where to get it

The Shakti Mat is available to purchase from www.shaktimat.co.nz or for more info visit the Shakti Mat facebook page.

NZ Real Health is now affiliated with Shakti Mat – to get 10% off your own Shakti Mat, use the promo code NZRH10 at checkout!

Image / Supplied (top), NZ Real Health (bottom)

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