Feeling the cold weather? Get warmer!


fireplaceThe temperature may be getting increasingly colder, but that’s no reason to hibernate the rest of autumn and winter! We’ve come up with some ways to bring a little bit of warmth back into your life:

Get exercising

Sometimes the last thing you feel like doing when it’s cold, dark and rainy outside is to leave your warm house and hit the gym or run the sidewalk. Cast those reservations aside and get exercising to get your heart pumping and raise your body temperature!

Worst case scenario: Put on an exercise DVD and get active in your lounge so you don’t need to venture outside…

Seek out a sauna, hot tub or hot pools

Ease away a stressful day and warm up cold muscles with a stint in a sauna, hot tub or seek out your nearest hot pools.

Worst case scenario: Have a nice hot bath or hot shower and make sure you get dressed warmly when you get out!

Get cozy indoors

If you have a fireplace, get a fire going! Put on your comfiest ‘around the house’ clothes, find a snuggly blanket, and settle down with a decent novel or magazine. For bonus points, toast some marshmallows and prepare yourself a hot chocolate or warm tea as well.

Worst case scenario: Get cozy next to a heater instead!

Ditch the cold and plan a getaway

Start planning, budgeting and saving for a mid-winter getaway to somewhere tropical and beachy. You’ll spend so much time looking forward to your exciting holiday you’ll barely think about the cold weather.

Worst case scenario: Plan a weekend getaway somewhere nearby and aim to spend the whole time doing the other activities listed above!

Image / FreeDigitalPhotos.net – artur84

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