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In search of health

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Waking up at 3am, paralysed down the right side of her body and unable to speak, Susan Kitson was rushed to hospital. Following a devastating diagnosis one week later, she embarked upon a journey to regain her health. Over the next five years she experimented with different approaches to nutrition and exercise, and trialled many foods and different ways of living.

Discarding what didn’t help and improving upon what did, the 21 Steps to Glowing Health were developed. These steps can be found between the covers of In Search of Health and are practical and achievable.

What’s inside it?

The steps cover food choices, toxins to avoid, exercise, health boosting drinks, mindfulness, eye and brain health, Vitamin D, ayurveda, face care, vaginal health, breathing, sleeping and chewing. All may sound simple enough, but in today’s busy life they can be easy to forget. Many of us constantly seem to be looking for difficult, overcomplicated ways to achieve body health, but following simple steps such as these would actually fix a wide number of problems. These steps can be incorporated into anyone’s life, in any order, including as few or as many as desired.

In these pages you’ll also find plenty of healthy, wholesome recipes to help you on your way to a healthier lifestyle (you should be able to find the majority of ingredients at your local supermarket). When it comes to the exercise side of the 21 steps, there are images and instructions for a wide number of yoga poses that will help you learn technique and the benefits associated with each one.

You cannot truly appreciate good health until it has been taken away from you‘ – Susan Kitson. How true.

Read it if…

You often find yourself struggling to grasp the concept of being healthy, would like to lose weight, gain more energy, and could do with it all being stripped back to the basics. This book takes a refreshing holistic approach to healthy living backed by Susan Kitson’s inspirational story and experience.

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